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GoKnee Bundle:
Device & Exercise Program

GoKnee is a revolutionary Device and Recovery Program created by Physical Therapists clinically proven to cut recovery time in half after knee replacement surgery.

Bundle includes:
• GoKnee Device
• GoKnee Home Exercise Program
• GoKnee PT Consultations

Buy GoKnee and follow the program for 30 days and if you're not satisfied, we'll send your money back with no questions asked.

Recover Faster From your Knee Replacement with GoKnee

Lightweight + portable device

Easy to follow exercise videos

Do it in your
own home

Clinically proven results

Proven Patient Results

Larry Hughes
2 Knee Replacement Surgeries
“I started using GoKnee a few weeks before my scheduled surgery. My physical therapists were amazed that my movement was so good. On the knee bend he said they were looking for at least 75. My knee went to 120. Everyone was impressed! At my 4 week follow-up, my therapist told me that I was at the 12-week mark in terms of progress. My bend was 123 with no help and I could fully straighten it. My surgeon called and asked if I wanted to have the other knee done 3 weeks sooner than planned because I was doing so well.”
Diane Thayer
Total Knee Replacement
“Last week I had my 3 and 6 month removed appointment with my surgeon. He was amazed at how much flexion I have achieved. I measured 128 degrees on the 3 month out knee replacement and almost 130 degrees on the 6 month out knee replacement. Both knees were measured with no additional help to achieve the flexion. I continue to use my GoKnee everyday most days 3 times. I know I would not have been able to get these results without it. Thank you for being a part of bringing GoKnee to patients like myself.”
Brent Stockton
Total Knee Replacement
“Using the GoKnee gave me the freedom to do much more PT than just the 2-3 days a week I was prescribed and progressed my healing while reducing my pain! The GoKnee program was much easier to do at home versus having to go to PT, and the exercises were very comparable but being able to do them at my pace was what I really liked.”

Loved by Healthcare Professionals

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