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We believe
movement is medicine.

It all started with a frustrated patient.
After dealing with an unbearably slow recovery after knee replacement surgery, he was devastated to learn that he would likely need a second procedure. He begged for an alternative. At that moment, the idea for GoKnee was born.
With over 60 years of collective physical therapy experience in both sports medicine and geriatric care, GoKnee’s founders came together to address the slow and painful reality of knee recovery. They sought to bring professional-level therapy to patients’ homes, revolutionizing the recovery process.
Together, they developed GoKnee, a complete therapy system for quick, effective recovery from knee replacement surgery, ACL tears, chronic knee pain and stiffness, and more. Today, GoKnee is changing the game for patients everywhere, offering a comprehensive approach to knee recovery that empowers patients to take control of their recovery journey.

“At GoKnee, our sole purpose is to help you recover and improve your quality of life. My specific passion is knee replacement recovery. I have created something ‘revolutionary’ and I don’t say that lightly. I say that because it works, there is nothing else like it on the market right now and it will help the millions of Americans suffering with chronic knee pain.”

Shehla Rooney, PT, GCS

Created by physical therapists to help you recover better, faster.

Meet the Creators

Sonya Briggs,


Shehla Rooney,


Nikki Orazine,


Proven Patient Results

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“When I realized I was getting one-on-one instructions from a physical therapist on the exercise videos, I knew GoKnee was a quality product.”

Excellent customer experience!

“I loved working with GoKnee. I was in control, and I really looked forward to using it everyday.”

Love it!

“GoKnee accelerated the recovery of my range of motion. By using the device, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee.”

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