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We help knee
replacement patients
recover faster.

GoKnee® is a revolutionary device and recovery program created by physical therapists to speed up recovery after knee replacement surgery.

How GoKnee Works

Device + Program =

Lightweight + portable device

Easy to follow exercise videos

Do it in your
own home

Clinically proven results

Proven Patient Results

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“When I realized I was getting one-on-one instructions from a physical therapist on the exercise videos, I knew GoKnee was a quality product.”

Excellent customer experience!

“I loved working with GoKnee. I was in control, and I really looked forward to using it everyday.”

Love it!

“GoKnee accelerated the recovery of my range of motion. By using the device, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee.”

Loved by Healthcare Professionals

Free Knee Rehab Checklist

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