Less pain,
Faster Recovery.

GoKnee is a patented device that is clinically proven to cut recovery time in half and improve your quality of life after knee replacement surgery.

On average, GoKnee users stop using ambulatory aid in the first week after total knee replacement (TKR) surgery.

"Using the GoKnee gave me the freedom to do much more PT than just the 2-3 days/week I was prescribed, and progressed my healing while reducing my pain! The GoKnee program was much easier to do at home versus having to go to PT, and some of the exercises were comparable to the PT ones, but some were better with GoKnee, but being able to do them at my pace was what I really liked."

Proven Patient Results and Backed by Clinical Research

Belmont University conducted a two year study and revealed that individuals who used GoKnee as part of their recovery after Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery gained their knee motion in 2 weeks compared to what traditional PT obtained in 4 weeks. Research says TKR patients should be at 115 degrees by 30 days, but GK users achieve this by Day 14.

What Makes GoKnee Revolutionary?

Passive AND Active Movements

GoKnee is the only device on the market that targets both movements, which is clinically proven to accelerate your recovery.

Flexion AND Extension

Current devices on the market focus on one or the other. With GoKnee, you can do both!

Performs Joint Mobilization

Usually, you need a physical therapist to be present in order to perform these techniques in a safe manner. However, GoKnee serves as a substitute for the hands of a PT and enables you to safely carry out these advanced techniques confidentily in your own home.

Muscle Energy Techniques

These techniques involve gentle muscle contractions without much joint movement, so you can strengthen your muscles while minimizing pain.

You Are in Control

This means that you get to control your own pain—you decide how much to stretch your knee and you get to choose when to stop the exercise.

All-In-One Device

Other knee devices on the market only target one motion. Instead of having to purchase multiple devices for the best recovery, GoKnee does it ALL.

How It Works:

GoKnee has two main components:
The Device + The Exercise Program


Our patented knee device is uniquely designed to allow you to do advanced therapeutic techniques safely on your own and can complement your physical therapy from the comfort of your own home.

the Only Knee Device Tackling Neurological Recovery

Chronic pain triggers neurological changes in your brain, automatically activating protective responses to shield your knee joint from further discomfort due to the fear of pain. As a result, you may experience limitations in mobility and movement patterns.

While creating the GoKnee, Shehla Rooney, CEO and Creator, understood the importance of addressing these changes for a successful knee replacement recovery.

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Our Knee Rehab Checklist was designed by Physical Therapist, Shehla Rooney, PT, GCS, in response to her patients frequently asking:  when should I ice my knee, how often should I elevate my knee, how many times a day should I be exercising my knee…  and the Knee Rehab Checklist was born! It provides a visual and a checklist to show you what a typical day after surgery looks like and to ensure that you are doing the tasks required for an optimal knee recovery. 

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Free Knee Rehab Checklist

Download our free Knee Rehab Checklist and reach your knee recovery goals faster.