The Absolute Best
September 2, 2020

I have friends and clients ask me all the time, what is the absolute best piece of exercise equipment that I should purchase for home use? My response is always the same. The piece of equipment that you will make a habit of using consistently. There are no magic pills or magic pieces of exercise equipment that’s going to give you six-pack abs and make you look like the person using that equipment on tv. Thinking that a thing is going to achieve the long term goal you want is setting you up for failure. So what works? First and foremost, getting your mind right about the process. Let’s take rehabilitating after your knee surgery as an example. Go into the process knowing what to expect and knowing what’s expected of you. This isn’t something that is being done to you. It’s something that you are doing for yourself. It will require work and effort. Be prepared to put in the work and give full effort and you will be successful. Second, believe in what your doing. It’s a proven fact that individuals that believe in what their doing will have greater gains with that particular program. Lastly, find what works for you. Each person is unique and the things that resonate with you will also be unique to you. There is no one absolute best piece of equipment for everyone, but there is equipment out there that will be the best for someone. Preferably, find a rehab device that requires you to work in conjunction with it. Passive devices, which are devices where you would let the device do all the work for you and you aren’t doing anything on your own, do not work according to research. Devices such as a CPM are passive devices. Find a product that requires you put in some active effort in using it. Also, find a product that has a protocol designed around it so that it guides you through the process. When you combine all of these things, it should help you find the absolute best thing that will work for you. Good luck in your rehab journey and as I like to tell everyone, your rehab only works if you do!

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