The GoKnee was born out of a passion for helping others get better following knee surgery.  Take a look at just a few of our clients and hear what they think about the GoKnee.

“The surgeon knew we were doing therapy using this device AND therapist! Chas is walking unassisted since surgery on the 13th last month and has amazing strength in his knee and leg! It works! Much more cost effect than hundreds of dollars in copays elsewhere. I am Chas’ wife E and RN 35 years. Sonya Briggs is a Physical Therapist that truly wants to make a difference! We are thankful be cause Chas has done so good we can get the other knee done before the years end. He had his post op appt last week and the PA was shocked by his progress! The video guides you through the exercises after Sonya came to eval him and teach him how to use the device! Chas is very active and has done these exercises at home! Now we go to PT at Sonya’s office to progress more with weights! Chas got the ok to drive too from the ortho PA and safely gets in and out of his truck! Thanks so much Sonya for your amazing device and therapy program! He would not be this far without you!! It has allowed him to get his life and functioning back!!

Charles and Endrea Whitbeck

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I really liked working with the GoKnee. It was a very important asset to me for my knee motion. It was comfortable to use. I was in control and I really looked forward to using it every day. Barbara Knight

April 2017

I am convinced that it helped me accelerate the recovery of my range of motion in my knee following knee replacement surgery. By using the device, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee. Because I knew I had control, I believe I actually pushed harder and recovered faster. Joseph F. Edwards

Cookeville, TN

I believe the device made my recovery faster and less painful. I was amazed at how fast I got off the walker. Leta

FNP Cookeville, TN

A Paradigm shift in knee replacement treatment; bring the industry forward 25 years overnight. Andy McCormick



The GoKnee was developed by three physical therapists when they saw a need.  After exhausting all typical efforts to regain normal ROM in a difficult post-op total knee replacement, they realized they needed a tool to mimic their hands on his knee when he was at home.  When they couldn’t find a tool that fit their needs, they built one.  “Necessity is the mother of invention.”