Get Better Faster After Knee Surgery

After surgery I wasn’t fully prepared for the mental struggle that comes with recovery. The GoKnee gave me hope after being able to see improvement after my first use, and continued improvement during the time I used it. It was so easy to use and I felt like I completed a full therapy session in less than 8 minutes.  The GoKnee does the work for you if you just follow the instructions. I feel like I am ahead of the game in my recovery using this device.

Randall Taylor ACL Reconstruction
Randall Taylor

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I really liked working with the GoKnee. It was a very important asset to me for my knee motion. It was comfortable to use. I was in control and I really looked forward to using it every day.

Barbara K. Knee Surgery Patient
Barbara K.

Got Questions? We have Answers!

What can I expect after an ACL surgery and why do I need Physical Therapy?

The surgery typically takes 1-2 hours and is done on an out-patient basis, which means you do not stay in the hospital overnight. There are different grafts that can be used to create your new ACL. 

Examples of these might include the following but not excluded to: your own patellar tendon, hamstring tendon, and a cadaver (donor) tendon. You will likely be sent home in a hinged brace that your surgeon will dictate what range of motion the brace will allow your knee to move.  Depending on your comfort level you will likely either leave the hospital on crutches or a walker and remain on these until your therapist tells you otherwise.  Immediately following your ACL reconstruction regaining your extension (straightening) and good quadricep contractions are crucial to your recovery to a fully functioning knee.

Why do I need to use the GoKnee® instead of ONLY traditional Physical Therapy?

The GoKnee® is meant to bridge the gap between conventional physical therapy and a home exercise program.  It is designed to mimic the hands of a therapist that, on your own, cannot create.  Therefore, performing the GoKnee® protocol is similar to having a therapist at home with you daily, performing what can be done in an outpatient clinic.

How hard is it to use the GoKnee®?

If you follow the step by step GoKnee® protocol it is extremely easy to use.  The GoKnee® is lightweight and easy to maneuver with specific instructions given for each section of the protocol.

How soon can I start the GoKnee® after my ACL surgery?

You can begin the GoKnee® ACL-specific protocol as soon as the day after surgery.  It is imperative to quickly regain your extension (straightening) and good quadricep contractions in order to regain the full function and stability of your knee.

Are there risks to my knee if I don’t follow the ACL protocol exactly?

Yes.  The GoKnee® ACL protocol is designed to specifically for ACL rehabilitation to maintain the integrity of the new ACL.  If you were to use the device in any other way not stated on the GoKnee® protocol you are risking damage to the new ACL. 

When can I use the GoKnee® to help bend my knee?

You CANNOT use the GoKnee® to bend your knee until the surgeon has allowed you to begin “flexion”.   You risk damaging the new ACL if you do not follow the surgeon’s guidelines. 

How long should I use the GoKnee® for ACL rehabilitation?

Full recovery of an ACL reconstruction typically depends on surgeons restrictions placed on range of motion and weight bearing following surgery.  Often times there can be other damage done within the knee joint, such as torn cartilage, that can also affect your surgeons restrictions after surgery.  Because of the differing techniques for ACL reconstruction the recovery time greatly varies and can take anywhere between 2-8 months to return to previous function normally.

How many times a day can I do the exercises listed on the protocol?

You can use the GoKnee® as soon as the day after surgery.  The initial days following surgery you will work up to using the GoKnee® three times a day.  The protocol has instructions on pain management following the exercises as well. 

How much does the GoKnee® cost?

The complete GoKnee® can be purchased for $249.00 USD.  The cost includes the device itself, the customized and evidence-based exercise protocol as well as other helpful materials. 

Does my insurance cover the GoKnee®?

Work is underway to get the device covered by insurance, but currently the GoKnee® is not covered by insurance.

Do I need a doctor’s order to use the GoKnee®?

Routinely, a doctor’s order is required for a service or product that is covered by insurance.  Since the GoKnee® is not covered by insurance it is NOT required to have a doctor’s order.  However, we do recommend that you inform your surgeon if you intend to use the GoKnee® as part of your knee recovery.