• Renter pays a $150.00 to Motus X, to use the device for up to 60 days.
    • If device is not returned to Motus X within 60 days, then Renter will pay an additional $150.00.
  • Renter CANNOT rent the device to any other individual or patient or entity.
  • Free unlimited consultations by phone or via video conference with Motus X representative(s)
    • If Renter requests additional on-site training, then Renter will be responsible for Motus X Consulting Fees and travel costs.
  • Motus X is responsible for repairs and replacement costs up to 60 days only.
  • Individual is responsible for all shipping costs of the device.
  • Motus X will provide DVD, color protocol and online client access for further instructions.
  • If device is lost, then Renter must pay Motus X additional $150.00 as a replacement cost for the lost device.