Navigating the Legal Fog: How to Make Telehealth Work for Physical and Occupational Therapy
March 4, 2021
As COVID-19 continues to affect the healthcare industry, physicians and therapists alike are searching for the best ways to help their patients recover from home. We’ve already advocated The GoKnee® Method as the best Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Protocol on the market, and Belmont University’s study confirms our patients are getting back on their feet in half the time as those without it. 

But what if the recovery protocol isn’t the problem? For many physical and occupational therapists, simply getting the right to treat patients through telehealth is challenging. If you’re struggling to interpret Social Security Act Section 1834(m) and just looking for authorization to treat your patients, take three minutes to read this blog by David M. Glaser, JD

The distinction between “furnishing the service” yourself and billing “incident to” a physician could be the difference between treating your patient, and simply wishing them luck. 

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