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SCARED to have Knee Replacement Surgery?

Here’s the #1 reason knee replacement patients struggle after surgery, and it’s not what you think! Watch the video below. 

In this video, Physical Therapist Shehla Rooney and Co-Creator of GoKnee explains how chronic knee pain conditions your brain into a “protection mode” that doesn’t turn off just because you had surgery. Watch to discover the key to “retraining” your brain so it allows for faster healing and recovery. 

Pro tip: Select setting > playback speed > and select a speed to either slow it down or speed it up. Contact Recovery@TheGoKnee.com for any questions.

Ready to Recover Faster?

I bought the GoKnee a few weeks before surgery to give myself time to become accustomed to it. The videos are super helpful. When I had questions, I emailed Shehla from GoKnee and she called me back right away. We talked for 30 minutes and she answered all my questions. She extended my warranty for an extra two weeks to give me more time to see if the device would work for me. 

After a few sessions, I felt confident and stronger and went into surgery with less pain and more strength. After surgery, the home health PT ghosted me for 3 days. While I waited, I resumed the GoKnee, and by the time the home health PT showed up, I was at 110 degrees flexion and -10 extension! He said he had never met a patient with these types of numbers 3 days post op. He estimated I was 4 weeks ahead of schedule and told me to continue my GoKnee exercises. 

It’s now Day 4 post op and I’m off the walker and I don’t need a cane! I can’t recommend this product enough! For context, I am a fairly fit person who was swimming laps regularly for the last year. I am also overweight and have had knee problems for 15+ years. I had a lateral quad-sparing total knee replacement done by Dr. Martinez at Optimotion Orthopedics. The combination of prehab with the GoKnee, swimming, and an excellent physician have given me great results.

– Leah, Verified GoKnee Buyer

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GoKnee is a revolutionary Device and Recovery Program created by Physical Therapists clinically proven to cut recovery time in half after knee replacement surgery.

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