The GoKnee allows you to control how far your knee bends.  The pads on the device provide a unique movement at the knee joint that mimics the hands of a therapist, which also results in a more comfortable stretch.  


The pads on the GoKnee are adjustable and can be adjusted to the desired position.  You will control how far your knee straightens or extends while the pads hold your leg in the best position suitable for this motion.


The GoKnee’s strengthening protocol is very unique and was designed based on current research.  It has a component that targets the brain which results in a quicker and more effective recovery.  It is not only important to simply move the knee after surgery, but to connect the mind and the body to allow for better control while walking.

In medical terms, the GoKnee protocol uses neurological principles that elicit optimal motor learning resulting in better long-term retention of physical gains made.  This protocol is a key component in what sets the GoKnee apart from all other range of motion devices offered.