The GoKnee™ gives the patient control on how far their knee bends.  When patients tense or resist or cannot relax, then the joint cannot move effectively. The patient being in full control at all times, allows the nervous system to feel safe, which in turn grants more motion.

The pads on the device provide a unique movement at the knee joint that mimics the hands of a therapist; in essence causing a joint mobilization. Research has shown that joint mobilization is key for ROM gains and also results in a more comfortable stretch. 


We know how critical it is to gain full extension so that our patients can walk without a limp as well as to decrease dysfunction caused to the other knee, hips or lower back. Using the GoKnee™, the patient will fully control how far their knee straightens or extends while the pads hold their leg in an optimal position to provide an aggressive stretch.

The pads on the GoKnee™ are adjustable, therefore allowing the top pad to be positioned above the superior aspect of the patella for optimal extension ROM gains.  We offer compensations for those patients who cannot tolerate pressure on the top of their incision line, as well as alternate positions in order to increase or decrease the amount of stretch the patient can tolerate.


The GoKnee™ strengthening protocol is unique and uses evidence-based neurological principles that elicit optimal motor learning, resulting in better, long-term retention of physical gains made. This results in a quicker and more effective recovery and is also the reason we progress off ambulatory aids within a few weeks without compromising gait quality.  That is, improving the connection between the mind and the body allows for better knee control while walking.

Our customized protocol focuses on progressive loading at end available range. These exercise principles are being used by elite athletes for optimal return to their sport or competition, so why wouldn’t we use them for our Knee Replacement patients.


Our protocol is a key component in what sets the GoKnee™ Method apart from all other range of motion devices currently on the market.

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