What can I expect after a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Your length of stay in the hospital will vary depending on your insurance and your surgeon. Some patients will stay in the hospital for 2-3 days, but it is becoming more common to stay 1-2 days only. In some locations in the U.S., they are doing out-patient knee replacement surgeries. Out-patient surgery or ‘Day Surgery’ is a surgery that does not require an overnight hospital stay. 

It used to be common for knee replacement patients to be sent to a Rehabilitation Facility* after surgery for intensive therapy, but this is no longer the norm. More than likely, you will be sent home from the hospital and will either receive Home Health* services or Out-Patient Physical Therapy (PT)*. 


*Rehabilitation Facility: You stay there overnight for 7-14 days, receive Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy up to 3 hours per day for 6-7 days per week.

*Home Health: Physical therapist will come to your home 2-4 times per week.

*Out-Patient PT: Someone would drive you from your home to the PT clinic, 2-4 times per week for your therapy. 

NOTE: Talk to your doctor before surgery and ask how long you will be in the hospital and where you will receive your physical therapy.

Why do I need Physical Therapy after knee replacement surgery?

Without physical therapy, the ‘new’ prosthetic joint will not work properly. It is critical to regain knee motion and strength after the surgery; Physical Therapists have the necessary training and expertise to show you how to do that safely and effectively. Research shows that patients who comply with physical therapy, walk on their own sooner (without a walker or a cane), suffer fewer complications during recovery and have better outcomes overall.

Is there any equipment available to me that could speed up the recovery after knee replacement surgery?

Physical Therapy Gyms have various pieces of equipment that can be used to help with regaining your knee motion and strength, but many are not available for you to use at home or on your own.  

Having access to necessary equipment in your home is critical to a faster recovery. There are various devices on the market, however the GoKnee™ is the only product currently available to you that does BOTH bending and straightening, as well as strengthening of the knee muscles, all in ONE device. The GoKnee™ is light-weight, portable and intended to be used in the comfort of your own home as part of your home exercise program.

What is the GoKnee™ Method?

It is a revolutionary new treatment approach that was created by 3 physical therapists with over 50 years of collective clinical experience and expertise. They created and patented a simple, light-weight device that could be used with their customized exercise program that was based on the latest research to speed up recovery after knee replacement surgery. 

The GoKnee™ Method incorporates exercise principles used by athletes, however, because you are in control of the device at all times, you get to decide how hard you work. 

The exercise protocol focuses on bending and straightening the knee as well as strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete and is recommended to be done at least 3 times per day on your own; that is, outside of your physical therapy sessions. 

The GoKnee™ Method, combined with traditional Physical Therapy results in the quickest return to walking independently without a limp or a cane/walker and fastest return to function.

Are there any risks to using the GoKnee™ Method after knee replacement surgery?

Absolutely not! Many surgeons agree that the only risk to your new knee is if you fall hard on the knee during the recovery process. The GoKnee™ Method involves you being in a seated position at all times, with all motions and exercises being controlled by you. The device is designed to break apart if not used properly.

How long should I use the GoKnee™?

The GoKnee™ Method is designed to be used until you have gained full available range of motion at your knee joint in both bending and straightening; as well as regained good control and stability of your knee muscles. 

Typically, if you follow the customized protocol, you should only need the device for ~4 weeks. Some individuals have used it for as long as 8 weeks, but it depends on your situation, your pain tolerance, your overall health/fitness and your motivation!

Many users of the GoKnee™ Method have obtained the results they wanted within 2 weeks – but even those individuals are encouraged to continue with the program for an additional few weeks, due to increased risk of the knee stiffening without consistent, formal exercise.

Is the GoKnee™ Method covered by insurance?

Work is underway to get the device covered by insurance, but currently the GoKnee™ Method is not covered by insurance.

How much does the GoKnee™ Method cost?

The complete GoKnee™ Method can be purchased by individuals for $495.00 USD. The cost includes the device itself, the customized, evidence-based exercise protocol, and other informational materials.

Do I need a Doctor’s Order for the GoKnee™ Method?

Routinely, a doctor’s order is required for a service or product that is covered under insurance. Since the GoKnee™ Method is currently not covered by insurance, a doctor’s order is NOT required. However, we recommend that you inform your surgeon if you intend to use the GoKnee™ Method as part of your knee recovery.

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How is the GoKnee™ device different than other products on the market?

The GoKnee™ device allows for BOTH flexion and extension, while most products currently available only permit a single plane of motion. The GoKnee™ Method encourages both PROM and AROM versus the competitors focusing primarily on PROM. 

The GoKnee™ device comes with a customized, evidence-based exercise protocol that incorporates strengthening exercises that use neurological principles of recovery. Most of the products on the market do not permit effective strengthening exercises that the patient can safely perform on their own.

The device is light-weight and intended to be used in the patient’s home as part of their daily Home Exercise Program.

How does the GoKnee™ Method work?

The patient uses the device and the customized protocol daily as part of their Home Exercise Program. The protocol takes less than 20 minutes and the patient is encouraged to perform at least 3 times each day. 

The protocol incorporates neurological principles of recovery combined with the latest evidence-based exercise approaches, including: joint mobilizations, sustained stretching at end available ranges and utilization of muscle energy techniques.

This is all done while the patient is in full control of every movement, thus allowing the nervous system to feel safe and; therefore granting more motion than would occur if the therapists’ hands were on the painful, swollen joint. This translates into quicker AROM gains, quicker quadriceps control, less pain and faster return to function.

What is the Health Care Professional’s role when using the GoKnee™ Method?

With therapists no longer having to spend the first few weeks of therapy trying to manage pain, reduce swelling and re-gain ROM, they can focus on functional training, gait training and balance/proprioceptive exercises.

Some patients have co-pays they can’t afford to pay, do not have a loved one that can drive them to appointments, or have significant fear limiting their therapy sessions. This is where the GoKnee™ Method can be a significant part of the solution. 

Given the changes occurring in the HealthCare industry, it is imperative for therapists and health professionals to ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’. GoKnee™ Method can provide the following benefits:

  • Significant cost-savings for Bundled patients and other insurances
  • Decrease the number of total PT visits
  • Improve customer satisfaction through quicker recovery
  • Help with clinical staffing shortages (decrease PT wait lists)
  • Improve patient clinical outcomes (decrease pain, improve function)
  • Allow patients with limited insurance coverage to optimize recovery
  • Provide a niche for your clinic in this vast, growing and competitive knee replacement market.
How much does the GoKnee™ Method cost?

The GoKnee™ Method can be purchased by Health Care professionals who provide care to patients undergoing knee replacement surgery or help in the recovery afterwards for $495.00 USD. The cost includes, the device itself, the customized, evidence-based exercise protocol (available in various formats) as well as informational and marketing materials for your patients.

Health Care professionals that could benefit from the GoKnee™ Method include: 

  • Orthopedic surgeon’s offices
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Hospitals / Case Managers / Discharge Planners
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities 

For further information on discounts available for bulk purchases, contact rooney@thegoknee.com.user.s1365.sureserver.com.

Is there any research showing the efficacy of the GoKnee™ Method?

After 2 years of gathering data and conducting an independent study, Belmont University in Nashville, TN, presented their research in November 2019. Their results suggested that statistically significant improvements were made with individuals in both functional and objective outcome measures after using the GoKnee™ Method following a knee replacement surgery.  View the Belmont Research

Belmont University plans include subsequent research on the GoKnee™ Method given the preliminary research was so compelling. 

There is also ample evidence and research supporting:

  • Benefits of joint mobilizations in gaining ROM
  • Benefits of AROM exercises over PROM exercises in terms of functional recovery and retention
  • Use of Neurological Principles to expedite orthopedic recovery
  • Benefits of Muscle Energy Techniques in ROM and strength gains

All of these techniques and principles are applied and used in the GoKnee™ Method, which is why our results are so compelling.

Can the GoKnee™ be used for any other knee surgery?

The creators of the GoKnee™ Method (who are practicing physical therapists) have had good results using the device with patients who have undergone ACL repairs (for extension purposes only), quadriceps tendon ruptures, knee contractures, partial knee replacements and knee revision surgeries. However, current research on the GoKnee™ Method and its effectiveness has been limited to individuals who have undergone total knee replacement surgery. 

The creators of the GoKnee™ Method continue to partner with academic institutions to further develop research on other patient populations, but currently are advocating the GoKnee™ Method for patients after knee replacement surgery only.

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