What can I expect after a total knee replacement?
You can expect to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days.  You will then be sent either to a rehab center as an inpatient or go home and have home health or outpatient therapy services.
Why do I have to undergo physical therapy?
WIthout physical therapy the joint replacement will not work properly.  Patients who comply with physical therapy walk on their own sooner, suffer fewer complications during recovery and have better outcomes overall.
Is there any equipment available to me that would help me get better faster?
There is currently a new product available to patients.  The GoKnee is a device which the patient can use to speed up their recovery time and reduce the overall expense for therapy services following surgery.
When can I start using the GoKnee after surgery?
You can start using the GoKnee the day after surgery and progress as tolerated.
How long should I use the GoKnee?
The GoKnee is designed to be used until you have gained normal range of motion at your knee joint and can maintain good muscle control of the quadriceps muscles.
Does the GoKnee come with instructions?
The GoKnee comes with an instructional DVD, a protocol to follow, and shipping instructions for return purposes.
Is the GoKnee covered by insurance?
The GoKnee is not covered by insurance at this time. It is only rented by individuals or purchased by health care professionals.
Do I have to have an MD order for the GoKnee?
No, you do not have to have a doctor’s order to use the GoKnee.
Can the GoKnee be used after a Partial Knee Replacement?

Yes, considering the GoKnee helps with gaining knee motion which is critical in the recovery after a Partial Knee Replacement.


How is the GoKnee different than other products?

The GoKnee performs both flexion and extension and other products address only one direction.  It also literally minics the hands of a therapist at home for the client to use daily.

The GoKnee also comes with a copyright protocol that is research based.  It ensures more carryover with range of motion and functional strength after achieving full range of motion.

How does the GoKnee regain normal ROM in half the time on average?
The combination of the mechanics of the GoKnee and the attached protocol is a great recipe for success and typically increases the range of motion in half the time.
Why would therapists want to cut a patient's rehab time in half?
We aren’t suggesting to stop rehab in half the time.  The GoKnee allows normal ROM faster, so the remaining therapy time can focus on more advanced treatments.