Clinical Rental Program



Rent a GoKnee
  • Renter pays a monthly rental fee to MotusX, at the following rates:
    • 1-4 devices = $80/device
    • 5-9 devices = $75/device
    • 10+ devices = $70/device
  • Renter can rent the device to their patients for potential revenue, at the following rates:
    • $0.00 to $50.00 per week
    • To be established by Renter but not to exceed $50/week per device
  • Free unlimited consultations by phone or via video conference with MotusX representative(s)
    • If Renter requests additional on-site training for their staff/facility then Renter will be responsible for MotusX Consulting Fees and travel costs.
  • MotusX is responsible for repairs and replacement costs.
  • MotusX will provide free shipping of all devices to the Renter.
  • MotusX will provide all necessary paperwork to complete rentals to patient(s), and to retrieve payment from patient
  • MotusX will provide DVD, color protocol and online client access.
  • If device is lost, then Renter must pay MotusX three hundred dollars ($300.00) as a replacement cost for the lost device.
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